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These tutorials were created by Instructional Technology and Media Services to help faculty as they work with Moodle.  If you have an idea for a tutorial or have feedback please send it to 

  1. What is Moodle - 4:58
    Description: What is Moodle, how to Log in and how to request a course.
  2. Moodle Interface - 7:57
    Description: Getting familiar with Moodle Interface
  3. Editing your Profile - 5:17
    Download Text Instructions (pdf format)
    Description: How to manage your profile and change your avatar.  Of particular importance is how to adjust the way that Moodle tracks unread messages and manages the volume of e-mail that is sends out.
  4. Editing Your Course Settings - 6:10
    Description: Changing Moodle themes, adding weeks or topics to a course, switching between weeks and topics and modifying a course start date.
  5. Editing Blocks, Resources and Activities - 11:34
    Description: Explanation of what each icons does, how to move blocks within a course and how how to manage and move resources and activities.
  6. Adding Images and/or YouTube videos to a Homepage - 5:55
    Description: Add an image or YouTube video to a week or topic.
  7. Quickmail - 4:18
    Description: How to send e-mail to your class using Moodle.
  8. Messages - 5:22
    Description: Use Moodle's messaging tool.
  9. Resources and Activities - 3:00
    Description: This will explain the difference between resources and activities.  This will help you know where to go when it is time to add content or tools to your course.
  10. Linking to Files - 6:56 
    Download Text Instructions (pdf format)
    Description: Add a file (powerpoint, excel, pdf) to your course.  How to upload files and manage them within the Moodle "Files" area.
  11. Displaying a Directory - 3:11
    Description: By displaying a directory it is possible to provide students with a single link that will show them all the files that have been uploaded to a specific folder.
  12. Create an HTML or Text Page in Moodle - 3:18
    Description: Create an HTML or text page directly in Moodle.
  13. Assignment Overview - 5:24
    Description: This explores the 4 types of assignments that can be created using Moodle.
  14. Assignments: Advanced Uploading of Files - 5:23
    Description: How to add and configure the advanced uploading of files tool.  This will also show you how students upload files.
  15. Assignments: Grading Assignments - 4:12
    Description: How to grade files that students have uploaded to the assignment tool.
  16. Assignments: Offline Activities - 3:53
    Description: This is how you assign a grade in Moodle for an activity that took place outside of Moodle (i.e. midterm, class participation, final)
  17. Assignments: Grading Offline Activities - PDF
    Description: How to grade Offline Activities.
  18. Assignments: Upload Single File - 3:00
    Description: This covers how to use the "Upload a Single File" tool.
  19. Assignments: Online Text - 4:16
    Description: This covers the "Online text" assignment tool.  This tool enables instructors to create assignments where students can go in and compose text.  This will also show instructors how to grade text once it has been entered.
  20. Chat Tool - 4:33
    Description: How to use the chat tool to communicate in real-time with your students.  The chat tool is text only.
  21. Choice Tool - 6:44
    Description: The choice tool can be used to informally poll students.  It will cover how to view students' responses.
  22. Locking a Forum - 2:54
    Description: How to lock a forum so that students can no longer post or respond to messages.
  23. Backing Up and Restoring a Course - 11:13
    Description: At the end of the semester it is possible to backup your course and import it into a new one.  This tutorial covers the steps involved with creating, downloading and restoring a course backup.
  24. Adding or Removing Students or TAs - 1:43
    Download Text Instructions
    (pdf format)
    Description: Add or remove students or TAs from your course.
  25. Creating Groups - 5:49
    Description: Creating groups will allow instructors to restrict access to select students.
  26. Letting Students View Group Members (pdf format)
    Description: How to set your course up so that students can view who is in their group.
  27. Using Groups with Forums - 8:36
    Description: How to set-up private discussion areas with the forum tool.
  28. Working with Multiple Groups - 6:01
    Description: How to work with multiple groups. This will allow instructors to release materials to select groups of students.
  29. Groups and Assignments - 2:33
    Description: How to set up an assignment to work with the Groups tool.
  30. and Moodle - PDF
    Description: How to use with Moodle
  31. Exporting the Class List and/or Gradebook to Excel - PDF
    Description: How to export the Moodle gradebook into Excel.
  32. Importing grades from an Excel file into Moodle - PDF
    Description: How import grades into Moodle from an Excel file.
  33. Using groups to control access to Resources or Activities - PDF
    Description: How to use groups to restrict access (to a quiz, assignment or file) to only a couple of students or a specific group.
  34. Viewing your Participants - PDF
    Description: How to view your course participants. 
  35. Email Digest Type - PDF
    Configure Moodle so it sends only one email a day with all forum posts.
  36. Uploading Zipped Files to Moodle - 4:46
    It is possible to upload multiple files at once by uploading a zip file.
  37. Using the Moodle Gradebook - 18:09
    This tutorial will provide an overview to the Moodle Gradebook.
  38. Common Exam Project: Entering Grades for Common Exams - PDF
    This tutorial is for Chemistry, Math and Physics instructors that will be using Moodle to enter grades.
  39. Common Exam Project: Revealing Hidden Columns in the Gradebook - PDF
    This tutorial is for Math faculty that want to release hidden gradebook items. 
  40. Setting up the Moodle Wiki Tool - 6:55
    Description: How to set-up the Moodle Wiki Tool.
  41. Using the Moodle Wiki tool - 7:34
    Description: How to use Moodle's Wiki Tool.
  42. Downloading a Course Backup - 4:48
    Description: How to create a course backup and download that file.
  43. Connect Yard Setup - 5:31
    Description: Allow students to receive (opt-in) text, tweets and facebook posts as well as course reminders. 
  44. Connect Yard Instructor Setup - 7:22
    Description: Setting up Connect Yard.
  45. Preventing Students From Posting to the News Forum - PDF
    Description: This tutorial will show you how to made adjustments to students permission - in this case how to prevent students from being able to post messages to the news forum.
  46. How to Create and Download Moodle Backups - PDF
    Description: This will show you how to create a backup of your course, including all student data (grades and submissions), and download that backup to your computer.
  47. How to Hide a Course - PDF
    Description: Learn to hide your course from students.  This is particularly useful for when you are developing course materials and don't want students to have access to your working site.
  48. How to Import Examview Questions to Moodle Question Pool - PDF
    Description: Learn how to import questions created on Examview to Moodle 1.9.
  49. How to use Camtasia Relay (Including how to link to a Relay video) - PDF
    Description: Learn how to create a recording using Camtasia Relay. This includes how to add links from within Moodle to your videos.
  50. How to create a Quiz - PDF
    Learn how to create a simple quiz.
For additional help please see our list of top frequently asked questions. Outside Resources

Using Moodle - Teaching with the Popular Open Source Course Management System by Jason Cole and Helen Foster is a nice resource for faculty.  The second edition is available as a free download from the Moodle Docs web site.

NJIT also a Learn to Use Moodle Course (download the zip file here) we have made available using a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license.

All of these works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.