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Note: All requests for Moodle assistance need to originate with the NJIT Helpdesk.  The Helpdesk will assign your call to the appropriate person who will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Moodle Tutorials: Students

These tutorials were created by Instructional Technology and Media Services to help students use Moodle.  If you have an idea for a tutorial or have feedback please send it to

  1. Getting started with Moodle - 4:34
    Description: Logging into Moodle and locating courses. 
  2. About your profile - 0:59
    Description: Change profile information and adding a custom avatar.
  3. Editing your profile - PDFDescription: Change profile information and adding a custom avatar.
  4. Downloading files - PDF file
    Description: Download course resources from Moodle.
  5. Discussion Forums - 1:15
    Description: Read and reply to messages using the electronic bulletin board.
  6. Assignments - 1:10
    Description: Upload files using the assignment tool.
  7. Submitting an Assignment - PDF
    Description: How to upload a file using the assignment tool.
  8. Quizzes -  1:09
    Description: Take quizzes using Moodle.
  9. Gradebook - 0:24
    Description: Check the Moodle gradebook.
  10. Adding a Web Page or Picture to a Wordpress Blog - PDF
    While Wordpress and Moodle are different systems some faculty encourage students to use Wordpress to blog.  If that is the case, this tutorial will help you get started.
  11. Email Digest Type - PDF
    Configure Moodle so it sends only one email a day with all forum posts.
  12. Moodle and - PDF
    How to use Moodle and
  13. Getting Started with the Wiki tool - 7:34
    How to use Moodle's Wiki Tool
  14. How to use Connect Yard - 6:52
    How to set Moodle up to send reminder about assignmenta nd quizzes.  Reminders can be sent via text messages, Facebook posts and Tweets.